Rainer Rohtla becomes new CEO of Via 3L Group 

Rainer Rohtla will be appointed the new CEO of Via 3L OÜ, the parent company of Via 3L, a leading logistics company in the Baltics, to manage the companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania under the Via 3L brand.

In the logistics sector, Rohtla boasts an experience of over 15 years, of which recent 10 years in the logistics company DPD Eesti AS. Since 2016, Rohtla was the company’s Managing Director.

According to Alger Närska, Member of the Management Board of Via 3L’s parent company JNG Investments OÜ, for some time the owners have had plans to merge the companies into one group under the Via 3L brand, but needed a manager who has international management experience in the logistics sector. “Rainer has an extensive management experience in the logistics sector and suitable education. He is one of the strongest managers in the logistics sector and we are happy to welcome him in our team. As the result of the reorganization of Via 3L Group, the group’s parent company will be Via 3L OÜ, which owns all subsidiaries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Kalle Jaarman and Rünno Kaiva, so far Members of the Management Board of Via 3L OÜ, will continue to work in the executive management of Via 3L OÜ,” said Närska.

According to Närska, the purpose of the change is to simplify and strengthen the management of companies across borders and to ensure the provision of unified professional service in all Baltic countries.

As part of a longer-term strategy, JNG Investments OÜ will change the management structure of its logistics business line. Via 3L OÜ, based in Estonia, becomes the parent company of the logistics business. The unified structure of Via3L OÜ will include all companies under the Via3L brand – Via3L Spedition OÜ, Via 3L Latvia and Via 3L Lietuva.

According to Rainer Rohtla, Via 3L is a well-known trademark in the Baltics and a reputable provider of 3PL services. “I’m happy to join a professional team and a company with great history. I fully welcome the owners’ intention to consolidate Via 3L into a single group, which provides an opportunity to grow even stronger and regard the Baltics as a single market. In today’s globalized world, a successful company is one who can go along with change and create added value by applying modern technologies and solutions. Innovation is and will be even stronger one of core values ​​of Via 3L Group in the future. We are an unified gateway to the Baltics, to contribute to the development of local businesses, and all Via 3L’s current and future customers can trust our services equally in all countries,” said Rohtla.

Today Via 3L serves several well-known manufacturers and distributors in various countries. In the previous financial year, the consolidated turnover of the companies was 74 million euros.

Via 3L is owned by JNG Investments OÜ group, which connects companies in the Baltic states and Finland. The Group employs over 500 people. In the previous financial year, the consolidated turnover of JNG Investments OÜ amounted to 142 million euros.

The Group’s core business is divided into two business areas – sales and marketing service, represented by the trademark “Jungent” and logistics (warehousing and distribution logistics, international transport), provided under the trademark Via 3L.

Via 3L Group services are mainly purchased by international or local food and consumer goods producers who need in the supply chain different support services for their products, local warehousing and distribution logistics service or international transportation partner in the region.

Additional information:

Rainer Rohtla

Alger Närska


We are very pleased to announce that Kristjan Kängsepp, has joined Via 3L Spedition!

Kristjan has long-term experience in the field of transportation, and has previously worked for DHL’s Tartu team in addition to Italian market he has been specialized in Austrian and the Balkan markets. In his own words he has got a good memory that he can use at work every day!

In order to get to know Kristjan a little better, we asked him a couple of questions:

 1. Who is your favorite music artist?
Kristjan: I do not have a favorite one, I listen to all kind of music!

2. If you could invite anyone from all around the world to dinner, who would you ask?
Kristjan: My Lady ????

3. If animals were able to speak, who would be the most rude one?
Kristjan: Cat – the most duplex animal ????

We are happy to have one of the best professionals in our team! We wish Kristjan success and exciting challenges!

Kristjan Kängsepp
Mob: (+372) 5551 0613


Via 3L Spedition new sales director is August Tillo

We are pleased to announce that the new Sales Director, August Tillo, joined the Via3L Spedition team. August has a long sales experience from DSV Transport, and he has previously worked as a purchasing manager in retail and wholesale sector. So August has universal skills and he knows, how different supply chains work!

We also asked a couple of questions from August to learn more about him:

What is your favourite book?
August: There are more than one favourite. In my favourite books, the authors play with reality and unreality, for example, Philip Roth “Operation Shylock”. My latest favourite book is Tiit Pruuli’s “My World Romance (s) battle”.

If you could choose one magic power, what would it be?
August: I really like people with positive energy. I want to inject positive attitude for everyone! Believe me, it helps!

Does zebras have white or black stripes?
August: By the end of the day, it does not matter which colour the cat is. It is important that he hunts for  mice!

We are glad to have a great new colleague with us in the team and we wish a lot of success in his work for August!

August Tillo
Mob: (+372) 507 2904


Peep Kuldkepp joined our team in Via 3L Spedition

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Peep Kuldkepp joined the Via3L Spedition team, who has long experience in the Baltic and Poland markets.
Peep is undoubtedly the best forwarding expert in our field in Estonia and he is highly appreciated by our customers!

In order to become better acquainted with Peep, we asked him a couple of questions.

What is your favourite movie?
Peep: “Moscow does not believe tears”

What would be the 3 things that you would take on a single island?
Peep: my wife, a bike and a bow

Which was before – chicken or egg?
Peep: A chicken came from surprise egg.

We welcome Peep to our team with great pleasure and wish him great success!

Peep Kuldkepp
Mob: (+372) 5553 5704