Dear client and trusted partner!

This is to inform that previous members of Via 3L Spedition OÜ management board has been recalled from it’s positions due to illegal take over of Via 3L Spedition OÜ physical and intellectual property. As a result of manipulative act or delibarate misconduct also our former employees left the company.

The incident will be evaluated through judicial proceedings and hopefully by the market what we believe values trust and reliability. Our priority at this point would be quick recovery of our client relations and trust vested in us.

Therefore we have a pleasure to report that we have by now a team of forwarding agents in house led by Seppo Taniel, one of the most experienced proffesionals in Estonian forwarding sector. Respective forwarding agents will contact customers shortly to restore the contact and find out the scope of service offering.

Via 3L Spedition has always prioritised professional service and we assure you that our new team, with support from good partners, will defeat above mentioned difficulties and restore usual high level service standards as soon as possible. For your escalations or inquiries feel free to contact Seppo Taniel via mobile phone +372 598 20 545 or e-mail seppo@via3l.eu.

Once more we would like to take the opportunity to thank our partners and clients for the understanding and support you have showed us over these difficult weeks and reassure you that we are doing all possible to re-establish and continue our long-standing partnerships. In case of additional queries related to the regretful incident please do not hesitate to contact us speditionall@via3l.ee or just call us at +372 6 112 235

It is also crucial to note that the occurrence does not in any way influence operations or clientele of Via3L AS.


Yours sincerely,
 New Management Board of Via 3L Spedition OÜ

Alger Närska, Meelis Saaresalu and Jaana Jakovlev

July 11th, 2018