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Via 3L Spedition new sales director is August Tillo

We are pleased to announce that the new Sales Director, August Tillo, joined the Via3L Spedition team. August has a long sales experience from DSV Transport, and he has previously worked as a purchasing manager in retail and wholesale sector. So August has universal skills and he knows, how different supply chains work!

We also asked a couple of questions from August to learn more about him:

What is your favourite book?
August: There are more than one favourite. In my favourite books, the authors play with reality and unreality, for example, Philip Roth “Operation Shylock”. My latest favourite book is Tiit Pruuli’s “My World Romance (s) battle”.

If you could choose one magic power, what would it be?
August: I really like people with positive energy. I want to inject positive attitude for everyone! Believe me, it helps!

Does zebras have white or black stripes?
August: By the end of the day, it does not matter which colour the cat is. It is important that he hunts for  mice!

We are glad to have a great new colleague with us in the team and we wish a lot of success in his work for August!


August Tillo
Mob: (+372) 507 2904

Peep Kuldkepp joined our team in Via 3L Spedition

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Peep Kuldkepp joined the Via3L Spedition team, who has long experience in the Baltic and Poland markets.
Peep is undoubtedly the best forwarding expert in our field in Estonia and he is highly appreciated by our customers!
In order to become better acquainted with Peep, we asked him a couple of questions.
What is your favourite movie?
Peep: “Moscow does not believe tears”
What would be the 3 things that you would take on a single island?
Peep: my wife, a bike and a bow
Which was before – chicken or egg?
Peep: A chicken came from surprise egg.

We welcome Peep to our team with great pleasure and wish him great success!

His contacts are:
Peep Kuldkepp
Mob: (+372) 5553 5704